The bespoke WASH series products are seamlessly designed for outdoor architectural lighting.
This series of products can be arranged with various sub-units for Tailor Made applications. 
A wide range of color and color temperature options are available to suit ambience needs and private preferences.
Excellent waterproof and durable long lasting lighting allows it functionally operating under various conditions. 
The GRAZE series includes the majority of grazing products in our production. 
We provide various models to build applications upon your design concept.  
Graze series provides superb illumination beam angle range and various color options.
The Pixel series includes a variety of LED lightings with different models and color options.
This series while being compact and light weight, 
it also offers the most vivid color which is emitted saturated and transition smoothly.
Taking advantage of precise control technology, 
Pixel series lights offers flicker free light without noise emission. 
The Landscape series contains various outdoor spotlights and built-in 
ground/deck/Underwater lighting products from our inventory.
Their state of the art quality provides maximal water proof, corrosion and compression resistance.
They are simple to install and have low energy consumption. In additional, 
each fixture is guaranteed to operate under amazingly long service life while having low maintenance cost. 
The STRIP series includes residential/commercial luminaire products by LUCITAG.
It can be modulated in length and in beam angles.
It provides a soothing and non-glare lighting ambience.
It is easy to install and has a long service life and high energy-saving efficiency, 
thus optimal long lasting lighting effects are guaranteed.
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