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LUCITAG Ltd. is an innovative company founded by a team of LED lighting specialists. It has been corroborating in the growth of LED from its very inception. The lighting world demands not only various spectrums of technical expertise but also requires high quality light to add value in investments.

As a lighting tailor, our customer integrated lighting production is controlled at the multifold level. Our quality control begins at its inception with integrating designs and engineering according to our customer's demands. Secondly, from the supply chain to manufacturing, we strive in leading products including many items out competing others.Finally, we complete the seamless fit and finish crafted items with unique branding and heart engaging designs and customer experience inspired concepts.

Due to our absolute expertise and laser focused commitments, we will become your indispensable partner for reliable and superior efficient LED systems. Our specialties and capabilities expand across nations and continents in metropolitan landmarks, merchant malls, hospitality centers, museums, and various other organizations and places.

We supply a full spectrum of varying colors and intelligent white lighting solutions; in addition, we provide intricate control systems.As a detail-oriented and design-centric team, we certainly will collaborate with architects, interior designers, lighting consultants, property developers, end users to catch the quintessential essence of your brilliant minds in lighting. Therefore, we will translate your ingenuity into arrays of aesthetic digitalized lighting and manifest your innovations through our stabilized professional products and services in optical systems. We truly grasp lighting applications, thus we are the master of quality light.